Many of us come to counseling with some sort of an issue like anxiety, depression, or low self esteem. I believe that these "issues" are actually pathways inward to wholeness and freedom. No matter what your "issue" is, I believe it ultimately falls into one of the following realms of experience. Each of these pathways is interconnected, and as we work on one, our whole being is affected.

 Relationships: Romantic, familial or friendly-relationships are the threads that weave meaning into our lives. 

  • Discover what you want out of your relationships

  • Discover how you want to show up in your relationships

  • Learn how to set boundaries

  • Learn to work through conflict

  • Learn how to communicate compassionately and authentically

 Embodiment: Our bodies are the vessels through which we experience the world and create our lives. Unfortunately, so many of us are disconnected from or resentful of our bodies. I invite you to discover your body in a whole new way. 

  • Learn to listen to and communicate with your body

  • Express yourself through your body

  • Discover how to work with your body's natural rhythms

  • Discover your love for your body!

Intimacy, Vulnerability & Pleasure: Our ability to be vulnerable and intimate (both physically and emotionally) brings us fully into our bodies and our relationships. This relational embodiment accesses our deep capacity for joy and pleasure. 

  • Discover what vulnerability and intimacy looks like for you

  • Work through blockages to intimacy

  • Discover your deep capacity for pleasure and joy

Living Meaningfully & Connecting to All That Is: No matter your spiritual, religious or scientific views, one thing can be sure--we are inextricably connected to the web of life. Learning to connect to all-that-is opens our lives up to greater meaning, gratitude and abundance.  

  • Explore what the transpersonal means for you

  • Integrate a greater understanding of your place in the web of life into your Self concept

  • Experience increased gratitude, love and abundance in your daily life

  • Identify and make sense of the larger patterns at play in your life