Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Counseling for Individuals

I provide counseling services that support individuals in healing from a diversity of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, major transitions and limiting behaviors and thought patterns. Though I pull from a variety of orientations and modalities such as archetypal psychology, eco therapy, talk therapy, and art therapy, my primary orientation comes out of the hakomi mindfulness-based approach. Hakomi mindfulness-based counseling utilizes what is happening in the “here and now” to heal and “rewrite” core wounding experiences that happened in the past but continue to inform and influence present day behaviors, relationships and mental patterns. Hakomi mindfulness-based counseling also cultivates the invaluable and innate capacity of mindful awareness, equipping my clients with the ability to gracefully navigate life, relationships and internal struggles.

Individual counseling sessions are a full 60 minutes. My fee for this service is $145/hr. I meet with most clients on a weekly basis, but where it is therapeutically appropriate I will meet bi-weekly.