Adolescent Counseling Services

I offer highly attuned, empowerment-based, relevant and uniquely tailored long-term  therapy to teenage girls and women. My adolescent counseling services are for teenage girls who may be struggling with the challenges of life and adolescence and are looking for deeper self-understanding, self acceptance, and confidence. Sometimes young women just want a non-peer, non-parent, non-school related confidant, advocate, or mentor or want to learn mindfulness.

 My passion lies in the empowerment of women and girls, and over the years I have noticed a real need for counseling that is tailored to the unique needs and the unprecedented cultural situation of our teenaged women. My work emphasizes the cultivation of mindfulness and meaning-making capacities, so that teens learn to navigate the complexities and challenges of life in a way that is true to their authenticity and supports healthy decision-making. 

My sessions with teens are 50-55 minutes, with 5-10 minutes reserved for checking in with the parent or guardian. My fee for this service is $155. I highly encourage teens to meet with me on a weekly basis.